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D. Knight Medium
Druid Closed
Monk High
Hunter Medium
Mage High
Paladin Medium
Priest Medium
Rogue Medium
Shaman Low
Warlock Closed
Warrior Low

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29 Oct 2014 - worldoflogs
 Watch me represent the guild as ive been handpicked from a signup list in the U.S to do a faction race with players from midwinter for the Alliance team and Icy Veins for the horde team. It will be a simple race between the two factions through H Toes 4/4 clear whoever clears first wins and grabs t

02 May 2013 - Website issues

Still working out some kinks. I know there is a database error issue on the homepage which affects Core and Trial members, working on fixing. If you see any others, please reply to them in this thread. Thanks.

02 May 2013 - New website!

:) With tons of new features, check 'em out!
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