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About Didactic

Our main focus since inception and going forth into Warlords of Draenor is progression raiding. Our mission is to down current content as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. In order to uphold our mission we constantly strive to improve upon a core raid roster that consists of intelligent, helpful, prepared and drama-free individuals. This leaves us in a perpetual state of recruitment. If you feel you possess the qualities listed, can outperform any of our logged members or if you feel you can bring something unique to the guild, please apply.

Joining Us

NOTE: At the moment, Didactic is not recruiting standalone casual and social players.

If you are interested in applying please check the recruitment panel to the left. This panel is not set in stone but will give you an idea of what we are specifically looking for as of this moment. If your class is listed as Low you will still be given a trial if your application is approved. That said, your application must first be approved by the Raid Leader, Officers and/or select Core Raiders of the guild. Since your application will be viewed by a variety of players, those of various guild ranks and responsibilities, we urge you to take this process seriously. Expect to be asked questions in your application thread during the days following your submission. If you are accepted into the guild as a Trial Raider you will be notified in your thread and invited to the guild by an Officer and placed at Trial Raider rank. You will be notified shortly thereafter when your trial period will begin. This will most likely be the following full raid week. Additional trial runs may be needed and will be at the discretion of the Officers and Raid Leader.

Raid Information

A link to our current logs can be found on WARCRAFT LOGS. Every Core Raider and Officer raid spot is always up for grabs. With this in mind we urge anyone to apply for a trial if you feel you can compete with the raiders you see in our logs. Trial Raiders will be logged during their trial period(s) and a significant portion of their acceptance/decline as a Core Raider will be based on said logs.

Our raids are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Raids start at 7:30 pm server and last until 10:30 pm server. These scheduled times are solid and if any deviation from them is to occur the entire Core Raider and Trial Raider roster will be notified as soon as possible.

For the time being and until otherwise noted all Core Raider and Trial Raiders are to supply their own flasks and potions. These are all tracked in our logs which the Raid Leader and Officers go over every week. If it comes to our attention that any raider is skimping on pre-potting or failing to refresh flasks we will address the raider privately. If the problem persists the raider will be removed from Core Raider and Trial Raider ranks and removed from the raid. Exceptions include initial pulls on brand new content where wipes are inevitable and will be at the discretion of the Raid Leader as to when everyone will begin pre-potting. This is usually a few pulls into a new boss. Feasts will be provided by the guild but we do urge you to bring your own buff food in case you die during a fight that the raid does not wipe on so that you can rebuff yourself.

Loot in raid is currently distributed via loot council through the addon EPGPLootmaster. At this time the council consists of 4 Officers and the Raid Leader. Loot is passed out to the raid based on the following guidelines, in order. Exceptions may apply to prevent an abnormal amount of loot from being given to a single raider. If more than one raider meets the criteria for each tier of distribution we will proceed to the next, until the best possible candidate is selected.
  •Tier 1: Is this item for the raiders main spec or off spec?
  •Tier 2: What are the stat priorities for the raider versus the item? (raid officers know this fluctuates frequently and keep actively on top of it through top-guild research and core member feedback)
  •Tier 3: How significant of an ilvl/stat increase is the loot versus what the raider has currently equipped.
  •Tier 4: If we reach this tier loot will be passed out based solely on an anonymous vote system through the addon between the five council members. Each voting for who he/she feels deserves the loot most.
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